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Frequently asked questions

The most frequently asked question by customers of our self-service laundry in Krakow.

Laundry in the launderette

Frequently asked questions about laundry in the Frania Cafe Self-Service Laundry

How long does washing take?

The laundry cycle is approx. 45 minutes. After this time, you need to transfer the laundry to the dryer. Usually, 20 minutes is enough to completely dry a 6.5 kg washing machine load. So for the laundry to be washed and dried, we need to reserve 1-1.5 hours.

How big are the washing machines?

In the Frania Cafe self-service laundry, we have two sizes of washing machines. Washing machine 6.5 kg - it is a washing machine slightly larger than the home one and a washing machine 13 kg - in such a washing machine we can fit quilts, curtains or smaller bedspreads.

Frania Cafe Self-Service Laundry

How many washing machines are there?

In our laundry we have 5 washing machines with a load of 6.5 kg and 1 washing machine 13 kg.

Do I have to reserve a washing machine before coming to the laundromat?

There is no need. Washing machines wash quickly, because it is professional equipment. So you don`t have to wait for a free washing machine. And for those who are very busy, we have a laundry service.

What is the laundry service?

You bring your laundry and pick it up clean, dry and folded. The minimum time after which your laundry will be ready for collection is 3 hours. Detergents are also included in the price of the laundry service. If you choose this option, you don`t have to worry about anything anymore ;)

Do I need my own detergents when coming to the launderette?

If you want to use our laundry services, you can bring your own detergents or purchase them from us.

Is there service that will help me start the washing machine and dryer and advise what program to choose?

Frania Cafe is a self-service laundry, but it is connected to a café. That's why there is a staff member all the time who will be happy to advise and help in the entire washing process and even brew the best coffee ;)

How can I pay for laundry? Do I need tokens/coins?

Laundry is payable in the cafe section. You can pay by card or cash.

Laundry drying

How big are the dryers?

Our dryers have a capacity of 13 kg. One dryer holds 2 loads from a 6.5 kg washing machine.

Do clothes get damaged and shrink in the dryer?

Most clothes can be safely dried in tumble dryers. The main thing is to check the labels before drying.

Can duvets be dried?

You can dry duvets in our laundry. Due to the thickness of the duvet, it may take 20-60 minutes for the duvet to dry.

Do clothes crease in the dryer?

Clothes in the dryer are dried with warm air. The dryers have a special anti-crease system. The most important thing is to fold clothes immediately after drying. Then, in most cases, they don`t even require an ironing room!

Can down jackets be dried?

This is how you can dry down jackets. However, you need to remember about choosing the right drying temperature. Down jackets require longer drying time for the jacket to regain its properties. Drying the jacket takes about 40-50 minutes in our dryer.

Can I dry colored and white clothes together in the dryer?

Yes. You can dry both white and colored clothes in the dryer, because the clothes no longer dye.

Loyalty card

Who can get a loyalty card?

Each of our clients can get a loyalty card.

Does the customer card include a discount on the laundry or on the cafe too?

Each amount spent is credited to the card for the customer, it does not matter whether the customer uses the laundromat or the cafe. For every PLN 100 spent, you will receive a PLN 10 discount.