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Laundry is a rather boring but necessary activity. But what to do when the device is working? You can, for example, drink coffee or take something to eat. The name Frania Cafe did not come out of nowhere, because our self-service laundry in Krakow is connected to the cafe. Thus, people using the service can take advantage of the extensive cafe menu.

The best laundry
in Krakow

Self-service laundry in the center of Krakow with convenient access. It takes 1.5 hours to wash and dry the laundry on the spot.

Laundry drying
in tumble dryers

You can dry all your laundry in just 20 minutes. We dry quilts and bedspreads, down jackets and everyday clothes. See also ironing.


Leave your luggage safely in the center of Krakow, close to Wawel Castle. Don't worry about your luggage, we will store it especially for you. read more.


Don't waste time when your laundry is being washed, in the meantime you work or meet friends in a cozy cafe.

Laundrette price listExtra 10% discount

Self-service laundries Krakow

Laundry and atmospheric cafe in one place. Gone are the days when laundry was a boring chore for housewives. Frania Cafe is one big spinner when the washing machines are spinning. You sit on comfortable sofas, drink coffee and the world becomes more beautiful, and your clothes fresh and fragrant.

Automatic laundry Krakow

You don't have time to chillout, you have to keep running... you leave us your dirt and we already know how to tame it...

Decades ago, laundries were part of the Polish landscape, because not everyone could afford to buy a device for their own. As soon as technology advanced, the purchase of a washing machine was no longer such a serious investment, and therefore the need for places such as a self-service laundromat disappeared, but other cities still offer the possibility of using professional services in this area.

Why? The answer is simple: they have many advantages! It is difficult to ignore them, which is why many people still use modern laundries in Krakow. In addition, some of the cheap laundries have completely changed their face, as exemplified by the Frania Cafe we run.

Self-service laundry in Krakow - why is it worth using?

Is laundry in the city even worth it? Is it really an alternative to a home washing machine? You must be asking yourself these questions. We hurry with the answer: it is worth using self-service laundries in Krakow, because they can do much more than other home solutions. Efficiency and low cost of the service are the biggest advantages that do not need to be written about.

People using cheap laundry are not only students who do not have washing machines in their apartment or for other reasons cannot use them at the moment. Among our clients there are also people who consciously resigned from buying a washing machine. In an issue such as a self-service laundry, Krakow is increasingly opting for such a solution. The first argument for using such services is their price, because they are relatively inexpensive. In addition, the device takes up quite a lot of space in the bathroom, which is especially inconvenient in small apartments. Without deciding to buy a washing machine, we can use the available space for something else.

In addition, you can use the laundry in Krakow if you are staying here on a business trip and need to refresh your wardrobe. Laundry services will also be useful when you want to remove particularly stubborn stains. There are more reasons, and it would be difficult to list them all. The most important thing is that self-service laundries are easily accessible, and at the same time enjoy unflagging popularity.

What are Krakow self-service laundries?

Laundries are simply places where you can do your laundry. However, they have many more cleaning units that are distinguished by efficiency, capacity and efficiency. This allows you to deal with dirt that home washing machines could not handle. What's more, modern devices with a large capacity can fit up to several kilograms of textiles. At home you have to limit yourself to a maximum of approx. 6 kg. When it comes to Krakow, the Frania Cafe laundry has equipment that allows you to wash things that would not fit in a regular washing machine, e.g. large blankets, duvets or pillows.

In self-service launderettes, customers sort their clothes, fill the drum, and select washing agents. But don't worry! Frania Cafe staff is very willing to help and in case of problems, they will explain step by step what we should do. It also helps you choose the washing mode that works best for your specific clothes.

So you can be sure that you won't destroy your things in an automatic laundry in Krakow. You'll know everything the second time around and you'll feel right at home!

How cheap is the laundry in Krakow?

The price list of Frania Cafe services can be found on our website. The price includes: washing, drying and detergents. Purchasing the full package is the most economical option. We also offer a laundry service, where we offer a folding service in the package.

You can use our facilities as well as the ironing area to put things in order as soon as they have been washed and dried. The fee for ironing is calculated for each piece of clothing.

Krakow laundry near you

A good laundry in Krakow is not only based on a wide range and modern equipment. Its location also matters.

Frania Cafe meets expectations also in this respect. We are located in the very center of the city, at ul. Stradomska 19. You can count on perfectly organized access, both by public transport and by car, as well as the proximity of other interesting points on the map of Krakow.

If you are interested in self-service laundry, Krakow is a great place to find one. We cordially encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer - also in the case of cafes. We will be happy to answer any questions regarding the services by phone or e-mail. You can also talk about it with the staff of our Krakow self-service launderette on site!

Krakow Self-service launderette and cafe

Laundry is a rather boring but necessary activity. But what to do when the device is working? You can, for example, drink coffee or take something to eat. The name Frania Cafe did not come out of nowhere, because our self-service laundry in Krakow is connected to the cafe. Thus, people using the service can take advantage of the extensive cafe menu.

We serve delicious breakfasts in Polish, English and French versions, as well as in vegetarian versions. We change positions from time to time to surprise you with something new. Thanks to this, returning to our Krakow self-service laundry and cafe is always an opportunity to try something new!

However, if you come to us in the evening, you will certainly be tempted by one of our signature drinks. We do our best to make spending time in the launderette as pleasant as possible.

The cafe operates independently from the laundry. Therefore, we invite everyone - not only customers of the laundry in Krakow.

Krakow Self-service launderette and cafe

It is also worth noting that laundries in Krakow - including Frania Cafe - save time. Washing machines with low home efficiency and capacity need a longer run to achieve good results. In the case of our equipment, less than an hour is enough to enjoy refreshed, fragrant and perfectly clean clothes. In the Frania Cafe laundry in Krakow, you will also find a wide selection of fabric softeners, thanks to which you will easily find a fragrance that suits your taste.