How to wash towels to wash?

Towels after washing
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Frania advises, How to wash towels to wash?

First wash of towels

Important Rule! when you buy new towels, wash them first before you start using them!!!.

There are several reasons, the most important being hygiene.

In fact, before perfect towels reach our bathroom, they go through a long way, among other things, they are coated with chemicals so that pests do not get to them in dusty warehouses and do not cause havoc, while in stores they are touched by potential customers, who check the appropriate thickness, softness and quality of the material from which they are made.

That is why it is important to wash such a towel before use

Another reason is to improve the absorbency of the towel, soaked cotton fibers open, which after drying increases the absorption capacity and comfort of use.

Many of us choose beautiful, fluffy and colorful towels that are aesthetically matched to our bathrooms, so the residues of the dye used to dye the towels should be rinsed off during the first wash before they leave a colorful image on our skin.

How often should you wash your towels?

The frequency of washing towels is one of the contentious topics in society, not when and in the immediate family.

Some believe that they should be washed after each use and others say that they are used to dry a clean body, so they do not need to be replaced so often.
Therefore, without exposing any of the groups, we will refer to the scientific authority, microbiologist Philip Thierno.

He thinks we should wash our towels every three or four days, assuming we dry them well each time. At this time, fungi, yeasts, viruses and bacteria that would threaten our health are not able to develop on the towels.

At what temperature to wash towels?

To prolong the life of our towels and make them soft, wash them at a temperature between 40 degrees and 60 degrees Celsius. Too low a temperature will not wash our towels, while too high will make our towels clumpy and unpleasant to the touch, and will quickly be destroyed by weakening the fibers.

There are supporters of boiling towels at 90 degrees Celsius for hygienic reasons, but it is not necessary, because expert opinions prove that most bacteria and viruses die at a temperature of 55 degrees Celsius to 70 degrees Celsius.

What detergents should I use for washing towels?

Use a washing gel or capsules as the powder often does not wash out of the many towel fibers. Do not overdo it with chemical detergents, follow the recommendations given on the packaging. Always consider water hardness, it prolongs the life of your towels and washing machine.

Natural ways for a perfectly washed towel

Our grandmothers used the addition of baking soda to wash towels, which made the towels soft and well-washed. In addition, soda combined with spirit vinegar ensures the maintenance of beautiful vivid colors and hygienic cleanliness, the smell of vinegar quickly evaporates without leaving an unpleasant odor.

For greyish white towels, bloggers advise adding two aspirin tablets, this is to make the whiteness after taking it out of the washing machine delightful, my towels did not change to a whiter shade, so I recommend using aspirin more for colds.

How to wash towels?

Definitely do not wash towels with other items of clothing.

Separate towels by color or light and dark, then you will avoid staining light towels and graying white ones. The fibers of the towel are absorbent and susceptible to receiving dyes from the outside.

The maximum amount of load is half of the capacity of the drum, which allows you to wash well the thick material from which the towels are made and rinse well from detergents.

Most towels are made of good quality cotton, so choose a cotton program or according to the manufacturer's recommendation.

Do not spin at the highest speed to avoid fiber damage.

How to wash quick-drying towels?

Towels made of microfiber, also called quick-drying, are very popular recently. Due to the fact that they take up little space, they are ideal to take them on trips, mountain hikes and saunas. What about washing them?

The best washing temperature for this type of towels is 30°C, maximum 40°C. For washing them, we can use standard washing powder or liquid. However, we must remember not to use fabric softeners and fabric softeners under any circumstances.

How to dry towels?

The best method for a fluffy towel is tumble drying. A warm blast of air causes the fibers to aerate and such a towel is pleasant to the touch for our body and does not leave irritation. However, many of us do not have such facilities in our homes, so it is worth using the popular laundries that have already appeared in every city and dry such towels efficiently and effectively for little money.

If, however, you decide on traditional drying, hang the towels in such a way that they have air circulation, do not close them in a room where there is no air circulation. Best dried outdoors. It is a good idea to shake such towels often and hang them upside down.