Sorting clothes before washing

Sorting clothes before putting them in the washing machine
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Sort the laundry into colors and remember to choose the right washing temperature for each color.

How to sort laundry by color?

It can be easy to throw mixed laundry in the washing machine, but if you don't want everything to turn an odd shade of pink or grey, it's best to learn how to segregate your laundry.

Sort clothes by color

Dark colored garments are more likely to bleed when washed. To avoid damaging other clothes, sort the laundry by color, dividing it into 5 groups.

White clothes and only white

There's nothing better than a fresh white shirt or a new white T-shirt. But let's face it, keeping white clothes perfectly white can be a challenge.

Light-colored clothes may fade, but there is nothing more irritating than white laundry that has turned yellow.

In addition to dust and dirt caused by classic pollutants, putting white clothes in the washing machine together with other soiled clothes, such as socks, can also make it dirty.

Dye from other clothes can also penetrate the spot of white fabric and leave discoloration.

When washing clothes, people sometimes mix white clothes with light clothes or worse, with dark clothes to save energy and detergent, unfortunately this has a negative effect on our wardrobe.

Remember to wash the washing machine thoroughly before loading white laundry. Remaining dirt from the previous wash and detergents can leave an unpleasant surprise on our white laundry. It is worth using powders and detergents dedicated to white things.

Remember that frequent bleaching weakens the structure of the material, so consider whether it is really necessary.

Always follow the manufacturer's recommendations, if there are none, then the recommended temperature is from 40 degrees to 60 degrees Celsius

Light clothes: cream, ecru, beige, pastel, light grey
Keeping bright colors may not be the first thing you think about when doing laundry. Maintaining the original color can also help you save money by extending the life of your garment.

Colors fade when the chemical bonds between the dye and the fabric break down, so the best way to keep colors bright is to wash your clothes in a way that either prevents the dyes from dissolving or protects the fibers in the fabric - or both. Therefore, first of all, turn your clothes inside out. Secondly, wash with cool water - washing in cold water instead of hot water not only helps keep colors vibrant, it also saves energy and money.

Black and only black clothes

To keep black clothes deep black, always wash them together and inside out. Wash in cold water, max 40 degrees celsius, gentle cycle. Avoid washing powder that is white and will show up on your clothes if it doesn't rinse well. Be sure to use a low temperature in the dryer.

Dark garments: charcoal, navy blue, brown, khaki
To help retain the original colors of dark garments and prevent staining of lighter garments, wash dark garments together using a cold water cycle, maximum 40 degrees Celsius. Follow similar principles like when washing black clothes.

Clothes in strong warm colors: yellow, red and orange

Different color groups should not be together in the washing machine, the reason is simple. Some dyes combined with each other can change the color of clothes dramatically. No one would like to put a yellow and blue T-shirt in the washing machine and pull out the green one. Therefore, use this color division.

Despite such a division into colors, always follow the information on the label..This division is the first sort of laundry, the next one is the type of material from which they were sewn.