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Holiday laundry17 Jul 2024Holiday laundryWhat to do when we're on holiday and have laundry to do. Being in Krakow, we have a great solution for you and you will definitely have clean laundry.Read more FAN ZONE14 Jul 2024FAN ZONEToday is the cup match, if you don't know where to watch the match? Frania Cafe comes to the rescue! Take your team with you and visit the French fan zone. We lose before 9 p.m.!!! We are waiting for youRead more Przekąski w pralni Frania Cafe11 Jul 2024Franiowicze!!! each of you must try Italian bruschetta on Polish breadFraniowicze!!! each of you must try Italian bruschetta on Polish bread with sun-ripened tomatoes topped with aromatic olive oil. This is the perfect snack while you wait for the washing machine to finish the program.Read more mecz półfinały10 Jul 2024Support with Frania CafeSupport with Frania Cafe, Today at 9 p.m. we will broadcast the semi-final match. If you are a football fan, you must cheer with us, and at the same time you can combine business with pleasure and do laundry.Read more Burger w Frania Cafe9 Jul 2024From today you can try delicious burgers again at Frania CafeFrom today you can try delicious burgers again at Frania CafeRead more Deserki w pralni Frania Cafe14 Feb 2024Sweet laundry at Frania CafeOur chefs put their whole hearts into making our desserts delicious and beautiful. So don't deny yourself sweets while doing laundry at Frania Cafe.Read more Pink Latte13 Feb 2024Can laundry be romantic?Any activity done with a loved one can be romantic, even doing laundry at Frania Cafe! that's why we have prepared Pink Latte and tempting desserts for lovers. Welcome to Frania Cafe!!!Read more Frania Cafe12 Feb 2024We invite you to celebrate Valentine's Day at Frania CafeAt Frania Cafe, she prepares a breakfast for lovers, a romantic dessert and a pink latte with a heart.Read more Śniadanie polskie9 Feb 2024Polish breakfastJeśli czujecie, że wam za bardzo weszły wczorajsze pączki :), to zapraszamy na wytrawne polskie śniadanie.Read more donut festival at Frania Cafe9 Feb 2024Donut festival at Frania CafeThe holiday of donuts no longer surprises anyone, so when doing laundry, try our homemade donuts stuffed with loveRead more