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Ironing Krakow every day

At Frania Cafe you can not only eat breakfast, drink good coffee, but also wash your clothes. We also offer an ironing service! Therefore, you can be sure that we will comprehensively take care of your things. We know how many people treat ironing as an unpleasant duty, but at the same time they are unable to give it up. With a smile on our lips, we will treat your clothes with an iron and make them not only clean and beautifully fragrant, but also look neat. From now on, the slogan about ironing Krakow will be very pleasant to you, especially since you won`t be forced to do it yourself. During this time, you can do your favorite hobby or just relax.

Many of our clients are people who are currently traveling and have a very limited amount of clothes. They are happy to use the laundry service to refresh their wardrobe on an ongoing basis. Picking up washed and dried clothes, however, you can feel unsatisfied, seeing creases, and after all, you also want to look your best in vacation photos! If you are worried about ironing, Krakow will be a stop on the route, where your clothes will gain a new quality. At Frania Cafe you can leave your clothes and then pick them up washed, dried and ironed.

Pleasant duties - ironing Cracow

At Frania Cafe, we believe that combining business with pleasure is absolutely possible.

Domestic duties are unnecessarily associated with coercion. While we wash and iron your clothes, you can eat breakfast or drink coffee.

You are also welcome to visit us in the evening, although the laundry room is not associated with a place where you can have a drink, after visiting us it will certainly change.

We will also treat you with delicious tea and snacks. Here you will relax, meet with friends, and at the end of your visit to Frania Cafe you will pick up perfectly ironed or washed clothes. And when the need arises again - we invite you to use our services again.