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Deserki w pralni Frania Cafe14 Feb 2024Sweet laundry at Frania CafeOur chefs put their whole hearts into making our desserts delicious and beautiful. So don't deny yourself sweets while doing laundry at Frania Cafe.Read more Pink Latte13 Feb 2024Can laundry be romantic?Any activity done with a loved one can be romantic, even doing laundry at Frania Cafe! that's why we have prepared Pink Latte and tempting desserts for lovers. Welcome to Frania Cafe!!!Read more Frania Cafe12 Feb 2024We invite you to celebrate Valentine's Day at Frania CafeAt Frania Cafe, she prepares a breakfast for lovers, a romantic dessert and a pink latte with a heart.Read more Śniadanie polskie9 Feb 2024Polish breakfastJeśli czujecie, że wam za bardzo weszły wczorajsze pączki :), to zapraszamy na wytrawne polskie śniadanie.Read more donut festival at Frania Cafe9 Feb 2024Donut festival at Frania CafeThe holiday of donuts no longer surprises anyone, so when doing laundry, try our homemade donuts stuffed with loveRead more hot chocolate and croissant30 Jan 2024Celebrate hot chocolate and croissant day with Frania CafeFrania Cafe invites you to celebrate World Hot Chocolate and Croissant Day together! That's why until Sunday we invite you for a croissant with a set of hot chocolate 10% cheaperRead more Frania Cafe opening hours during Christmas21 Dec 2023Frania Cafe opening hours during ChristmasRemember us when walking around old Krakow, we are waiting for you with delicious coffee and mulled wineRead more choinka na krakowskim rynku13 Dec 2023A guide to winter attractions in the royal city of KrakowThe royal city of Krakow does not sleep through the winter. There is something interesting and worth seeing happening in this city at any time of the year. In this article, we will present you some noteworthy attractions in winter Krakow.Read more Rogal świętomarcinski10 Nov 2023We invite you to St. Martin's Croissants!!!Yes, tomorrow, 11/11 is a holiday, but Pralnia Frania Cafe is open for you as usual from 7:30 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. That's why we are waiting for you with delicious St. Martin's Croissants baked here. Tomorrow you will do a quick laundry at our place and try this unique croissant with white poppy seeds, almonds and nuts, which originated in Poznań but has become quite well established in Frania Cafe and is hosted every year at Stradomska 19 in Krakow. We inviteRead more Wawel w jesiennej odsłonie31 Oct 2023Frania Cafe's guide to autumn KrakowAutumn is a season full of colours, smells and flavours. Discovering its charms in the royal city of Krakow and its surroundings will surely arouse your admiration. Frania café has also succumbed to the autumn climate and invites you to explore the city at this beautiful time of the year.Read more