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Frania Cafe

Luggage storage in Krakow

If you are traveling, you can always use our luggage storage. We are in the very center of Krakow. You are sightseeing and your luggage is safely waiting with us :)

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Our luggage storage Krakow is perfect for tourists

You don't have to outsource your laundry to use our luggage storage. You can use it every time you travel. Luggage storage is a separate service we provide to our clients.

Frania Cafe is the only luggage storage in Krakow, which is accompanied by a laundry and a cafe. Many travelers use all our services at the same time. On a business or tourist trip, sometimes there is a need to refresh things. Therefore, we often accept luggage, the contents of which are first washed and then waiting for the owner to be picked up in the luggage room. In the meantime, our client can eat breakfast, cake or drink coffee with us. There is no better start to the day than a visit to Frania Cafe, which will take care of you and your belongings.

Students also like to use comprehensive laundry services, luggage storage and a cafe. We invite everyone who still needs to do the laundry before the evening departure, but also wants to run to the university, take care of a few things in the city, and then sit down for a while with notes and coffee, waiting for the return to their hometown.

Luggage Krakow

e know that our clients do not always need comprehensive service. Sometimes all you need is a little support in the form of storing a suitcase, bag or backpack. In each of these cases, we are here to help. Our luggage storage in Krakow and its inhabitants seduced with its intimate atmosphere, reliability and location - we are located in the very center.

If your hostel refused to let you leave your stuff, feel free to come to us - there will be plenty of space for your luggage.

Krakow is the capital of Polish tourism, and hotels have quite restrictive standards for respecting check-in and check-out times.

So, if you find yourself in a crisis situation, with luggage in the city center, and you want to free yourself from unnecessary ballast - come and visit us. Do not waste your first moments in Krakow walking around the city with all your belongings.

Don't waste the last day of your trip guarding your suitcases just because the hotel day ended at noon. Make the most of your stay in Krakow until the last moment.

Secure Luggage Storage Krakow (Center)

We guarantee that our colorful laundry, cafe and luggage storage space is as safe (and we bet it is even more!) as a series of metal lockers used to store luggage at the station.

We provide care and supervision over your belongings.

The space of our luggage storage is specially separated.

We guarantee that all the time of your absence, the items entrusted to us are regularly looked after and, above all, inaccessible to people using the laundry or cafe. We provide professional service at the highest level.

Storage Krakow - we are in the very center! You are sightseeing, and your luggage is safely waiting with us.

Want to know more about this service? Call or write an e-mail - we will be happy to answer any questions.