Is possible to drink coffee and have breakfast in a self-service laundry?

In Frania Cafe you get the best coffee in Cracow
Źródło obrazu: the best coffee in Cracow while you waiting for your washing clothes

drink delicious coffee from the espresso machine and have breakfast in a self-service laundry. Wash your laundry and wait in cafe with various set of breakfasts

Is it possible to drink delicious coffee from an espresso machine and eat various set of breakfasts in a self-service laundry?

Yes, you've find to the right place, Frania Cafe. You can wash your clothes or leave them to be washed. While your things are spinning - you sit in a cozy cafe and relax with good coffee and a delicious snack.

We love two things:

clean and fragrant laundry and coffee.

That's why we have the best fully professional Primus's equipment to make your laundry clean in the shortest possible time...

self-service laundry Frania Cafe

And coffee - of course brewed in a two-group Italian Nueva Simonelli espresso machine and beans from the best Krakow roaster. Also You can eat our homed cakes. Because coffee taste the best with sweets .

homemade cake in Frania Cafe, yummy mango sweets

We dare say that no one in the world will take care of your laundry and you (while you do it with us;) like Frania Cafe.